OREGON JOURNAL, UPI First published photo in 1962 in the Roseburg High School “Orange R” school newspaper. The Pendleton Roundup; Tyghe Valley Indian Rodeo; Tigard shootout; The Supremes; Miles Davis in Portland; The Rolling Stones in Portland on their first U.S. tour; Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) playing during his first year at UCLA; USC star O.J. Simpson after winning the Heisman Trophy; Igor Stravinsky; police with guns drawn at San Francisco State College; anti-war demonstrations, escaped prisoner from San Quentin gunned down by police; 1968 U.S. presidential campaign candidates Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, Gene McCarthy; Ambassador Hotel the night Sen. Robert Kennedy was assassinated; Congressman Adam Clayton Powell’s anti-war speech; Hugh Hefner surrounded by Playmates; pitchers Denny McLain and Bob Gibson during their 1968 Cy Young-winning seasons; U.S. Open tennis championships at Forest Hills; Eisenhower’s funeral; Mickey Mantle Day; Mets winning the ’69 World Series; construction of the World Trade Center.



TIME, LIFE, CHIEF WHITE HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHER President Nixon made Kennerly a martini at the White House on Christmas Eve 1970. First ride on Air Force One at 23. Ringside at Ali-Frazier fight, Madison Square Garden. Vietnam for UPI; war between India and Pakistan; 1972 Pulitzer Prize in Journalism for Feature Photography; one of first Americans to enter PRC; release of the last American POWs in Hanoi; resignation of Richard Nixon; Gerald R. Ford’s Chief White House photographer; special mission to Vietnam and Cambodia right before those countries fell to the Communists; Kissinger’s last Mideast shuttle; in the room as President Ford ended US involvement in Vietnam; 1976 presidential campaign; Sadat’s historic trip to Israel for TIME; Camp David Summit; Northern Ireland hostilities; Osiris nuclear reactor being built outside of Baghdad that was later blown up by the Israelis; Havana for Fidel Castro; Jonestown mass murder and suicides; Exhibition at the Lunn Gallery in Washington, attended by Ansel Adams and Yousef Karsh.



TIME, FREELANCE War in El Salvador; 1980 presidential election; Reagan White House for TIME; Kennerly’s autobiography Shooter published; return of American Iran hostages to U.S.; Sandra Day O’Conner sworn in as first female justice of the Supreme Court; Morocco’s war with Polisario; U.S. Marines in Beirut; on patrol with PFLP fighters in hills above Beirut; funeral of assassinated politician Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino in Manila; 1984 Olympics; America’s Cup in Australia; 1984 presidential election; exclusive coverage of Reagan/Gorbachev “Fireside Summit” in Geneva; A Day in the Life of America; won Overseas Press Club Award for Reagan/Gorbachev coverage; A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union; with Pope John Paul II on his plane to Italy; 1988 presidential election; Emmy nomination for NBC movie, The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story, writer/exec producer of NBC movie Shooter starring Helen Hunt (Emmy winner for Best Cinematography); Tienanmen Square and the Forbidden City for A Day in the Life of China.



LIFE, FREELANCE, NEWSWEEK, GEORGE MAGAZINE, ABC Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and Chairman of Joint Chiefs Colin Powell in Saudi Arabia in prelude to Desert Storm; five presidents at Reagan Library; 1992 presidential campaign; the Oval Office as it transitions from Bush to Clinton; Nixon’s funeral; 1994 Olympics in Norway; book Photo Op published; exhibition of work at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon and Cannon House Office Building Rotunda at the U.S. Capitol; 1996 presidential campaign; Bill Clinton presidential coverage; Pyongyang, North Korea; Sen. John Glenn’s preparation for space shuttle flight as the oldest astronaut; the launch of SDS-95; Pope John Paul II’s trip to Cuba; Clinton impeachment story; the last two Seinfeld episodes exclusive for Newsweek; Seinoff: The Final Days of Seinfeld published; Clinton’s Senate trial; King Hussein funeral in Jordan; Kosovo war; inside coverage at NATO HQ with Supreme Commander General Wesley Clark; Macedonia; French aircraft carrier in Mediterranean; Northridge earthquake; People’s Republic of China’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.



NEWSWEEK, DER SPEIGEL, PARIS MATCH, NBC 2000 presidential campaign; inside photos at governor’s mansion election night in Austin with the Bushes; Picture-a-Day in the year 2000 project; retrospective show at Visa Pour l’Image, Perpignan, France; Slovenia Summit with Presidents Bush and Putin; 9/11 attack on Pentagon; to Afghanistan to photograph that conflict; exec producer of ABC’s Profiles from the Front Lines about U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan; Photo du Jour published; exhibition of Photo du Jour at the Smithsonian Arts & Industry Building; inside the Pentagon at the start of the Iraq War; secret trip to Iraq with Secretary of Defense; 2004 presidential campaign; Rumsfeld’s trip to Abu Ghraib; named “one of the one hundred most important people in photography,” by American Photo Magazine; Extraordinary Circumstances: The Presidency of Gerald R. Ford published; 2008 presidential campaign; becomes trustee of the Gerald R. Ford Foundation; producer, chief photographer, Barack Obama: The Official Inaugural Book; five Presidents Obama.



FREELANCE, DER SPIEGEL, POLITICO, CNN Ramadi and Karbala in Iraq; Iceland, Costa Rica and France for Backroads; Girl Scouts photos appear on millions of cookie boxes; New Orleans for post Katrina coverage; featured speaker at the Aspen Ideas Festival; 2012 presidential campaign; Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan; Betty Ford funeral; Haiti, Northern Ireland, London, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Poland, South Africa, Swaziland, Japan, for Vital Voices; TEDxBend speaker; producer, Discovery Channel’s The Presidents’ Gatekeepers about White House chiefs of staff; President Obama’s second Inauguration; David Hume Kennerly on the iPhone published; King Abdullah II meeting with President Obama; commencement address and honorary doctorate, Lake Erie College; executive producer, CBS/Showtime documentary The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs; featured speaker at the annual Bank of America board meeting; recipient of 2015 Lucie Award for Achievement in Photojournalism, presented at Carnegie Hall; 2016 presidential campaign; Bernie v. Hillary CNN Debate, Brooklyn.