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Creating an Archive and Thank You

By Rebecca Kennerly | Oct 15, 2019

I first met David Hume Kennerly in 1993. A year later, we were married in Hanoi, Vietnam on March 30, 1994. About two weeks after we met, David asked me to look at images he was considering including in his 1995 book, Photo Op. My dad and uncle were both photographers, so I was intrigued. […] Read More

Extraordinary Circumstances: The Presidency of Gerald R. Ford

By David Hume Kennerly | Mar 8, 2019

On March 26, 2019 an exhibition of my photos will open at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is the first-ever show of my time as President Ford’s chief White House photographer and is a vivid comparison between then and how things are now.  If you are old enough to […] Read More

Jonestown, a Personal Recollection

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 19, 2018

Story and Photographs by David Hume KennerlyJONESTOWN — 1978: TIME cover by David Hume Kennerly Some anniversaries should be remembered, others you would rather forget. This one cuts both ways. Forty years ago on November 18, 1978, in a place carved out of a remote jungle in Guyana, over 900 people were murdered or committed […] Read More

David Hume Kennerly named University of Arizona’s First Presidential Scholar

By Rebecca Kennerly | Oct 4, 2018

Prolific political photographer David Hume Kennerly has been appointed as the first University of Arizona presidential scholar by President Robert Robbins, the school announced Tuesday. Kennerly won the Pulitzer Prize at 25 for his documentation of the Vietnam War and served as chief White House photographer for President Gerald Ford, among many other titles. The […] Read More

2016: A Campaign Like No Other

By David Hume Kennerly | May 11, 2017

I have photographed every presidential campaign since 1968.  Twelve of them.  The only one I didn’t cover was the election of 1972 when I was in Vietnam photographing the war. [Click below to view my Pulitzer Prize Portfolio, which includes many photos from Vietnam] My fifty years of coverage doesn’t make me an expert on […] Read More

Kennerly Archive

News from the David Hume Kennerly Archive

By Rebecca Kennerly | May 4, 2017

This month marks the two-year anniversary of our full-time push to turn David’s extraordinary collection of images documenting 50 years of American and world history and culture in to a living archive.  My husband, David and I, made the commitment in May of 2015 to focus our full attention and resources to this mammoth project.  […] Read More

Introduction of Kennerly Archive Project Archivist, Randa Cardwell

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 1, 2016

Progress Report from the Kennerly Archive We are so fortunate to have been able to bring Randa Cardwell on to the Kennerly Archive team last year – a team that now numbers three, counting Rebecca, Randa and myself.  Randa graduated from UCLA with a Masters in Library and Information Sciences, with a subspecialty in digital […] Read More

Excited to see some of my creative work on display at Getty Images — even in an election year!

By David Hume Kennerly | Oct 15, 2016

The World Squared: A quirky little series looking at the world through the iPhone lens. View the collection on Getty Images: http://www.gettyimages.com/search/sets/yc_U48dMbU29embxmvICkQ#license

Read More

It Started With A Flood In The Basement

By Rebecca Kennerly | Oct 13, 2016

(image above is not the Kennerlys, but illustrate the dilemma) Most photo collections don’t start with a flood; they end that way. And, of course, the David Hume Kennerly collection didn’t actually start with the flood, but my role in it did. At the time of the flood, David and I had been married for less […] Read More

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We just completed two days of terrific meetings with the most talented staff at the #centerforcreativephotography at the #universityofarizona home of the DHK Archive. The weather was also on the magnificent side. #history ...

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Powerful #sculpture “Border Dynamics” on the @uarizona campus in #tucson today #centerforcreativephotography #immigration ...

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Landing in #tucson today. Kind of a different look for this place. #blackandwhite ...

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Former Democratic Presidential candidate @hillaryclinton criticized @berniesanders in an upcoming @hulu documentary, saying that, “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him . . ." I made this for @cnn during their final debate in Brooklyn in 2016. #hillaryclinton #berniesanders #cnn #history #hulu #presidentialelection ...

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Seven years ago today. The Obamas make a grand entrance the night of his second Inauguration, Jan. 21, 2013. #barackobama #michelleobama #history #kennerlyarchive ...

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A nice note from #ruthbaderginsburg dated 14 years ago today. #rbg #notoriousrbg #history #thanks ...

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43 years ago today, Jan. 20, 1977, President Jimmy Carter waves to the crowd moments after being sworn in as the 39th President of the United States by Chief Justice Warren Burger. President Gerald R. Ford watches. This was my first photo as the ex chief White House photographer for President Ford! It was a painful moment. I thought Ford should have had a full term in his own right, and I felt bad for him and the country. The two presidents later became dear friends, a real tribute to their graciousness and humanity. #history #jimmycarter #geraldrford #inauguration ...

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Eleven years ago today on Jan. 18, 2009, President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect and Mrs. Joe Biden watched a concert in front of the Lincoln Memorial honoring them two days before their Inauguration. #history #barackobama obama #joebiden #obama ...

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Overshadowed by the Trump Impeachment activity on the Hill this week was the Congressional Gold Medal presentation to former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason for his work with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disease he was diagnosed with in 2011. I made this photo of him Wednesday in Statuary Hall at the U.S. Capitol with wife Michel Rae Varisco, and son Rivers. I know people who have suffered and died from ALS, and it's a tough fight. Gleason’s foundation “helps provide individuals with neuromuscular diseases or injuries with leading edge technology, equipment and services, is creating a global conversation about ALS to find solutions and an end to the disease, and is raising public awareness toward ALS by providing and documenting extraordinary life adventures for individuals with muscular diseases or injuries.” His life adventure, as difficult as it is, helps others similarly afflicted in a big way. #als #stevegleason #stevegleasonfoundation #hero ...

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House of Representatives Impeachment Managers Schiff, Nadler, Lofgren, Jeffries, Demings, Crow, and Garcia walk through Statuary Hall at the #uscapitol today after reading the Trump impeachment articles to theSenate. Trump's impeachment trial starts next Tuesday. #impeachment #history ...

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Hanging out in the Capitol Rotunda under the Signers with great friend @davidburnettfoto waiting for the House Managers to carry the articles of impeachment to the Senate. It’s all in the Constitution. Photo by @mannyceneta #history ...

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi introduces the House Managers who will prosecute the case in the Senate against President Trump. #intheroom #history #centerforcreativephotography #ccp ...

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Where the action is. Outside the Senate side of the #uscapitol early this morning awaiting the kickoff of the impeachment action. #washingtondc #history ...

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Over Rancho #palosverdes today heading east. #dc is where the action is... ...

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A lot of pressure for me to run. #Kennerly2020 ...

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Sultan Qaboos bin Said died today. I took this in the Omani desert on Oct. 5, 2001 when he met with Sec of Defense Don Rumsfeld who was seeking support for the U.S.military campaign against Al-Qaeda who attacked the U.S. on Sept. 11th. ...

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I think @officialgarybarlow should now be known as Gravitas Gary! He’s not only a great songwriter, singer, producer, and utterly good person, he even looks the part. Had a terrific shoot with him recently, assisted by my violin-playing son @nickkennerly. I channeled my inner #yousufkarsh, who is known for his iconic photograph of Winston Churchill, to make this portrait. #takethat #garybarlow ...

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Here’s a pic I made recently of @officialgarybarlow Sir Gary is one of Britain’s most successful songwriters, and has written 24 top 10 hits, 14 of them being number 1 singles. He’s one of the most talented and nicest entertainers I’ve run into, and better yet he did a recording session with my son @nickkennerly! I have no doubt Nick will follow #garybarlow on the path to stardom! #takethat ...

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Great photo session with the multitalented @officialgarybarlow as documented by another multitalented phenom and violinist @nickkennerly who took this photo of me working — Sir Gary, (he was awarded an OBE by Queen Elizabeth), later recorded some music with Nick, and proclaimed him “superb.” Coming from a former judge on “The X Factor,” that was a high compliment. ...

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Hamburgerhawks. Trying to be a Hopper, but not quite getting there! Seven years ago today at the #santamonicapier #santamonica #california #yellow #red #art ...

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