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A Pulitzer Story

By David Hume Kennerly | Sep 2, 2016

View Pulitzer Prize Portfolio The big announcement in the spring of 1972 came via a telex message to the United Press International office in Saigon where I was the photo bureau chief.  It read:  “01170 Saigon-Kennerly has won Pulitzer for Feature Photography, which brings congrats from all here. Now need effort some quotes from him […] Read More

On this day 42 years ago… August 9th

By David Hume Kennerly | Aug 9, 2016

I remember August 9, 1974 less as the day President Richard Nixon left the presidency, but as the day Gerald R. Ford assumed it. The morning started on the South Lawn of the White House where I was assigned by TIME Magazine to photograph one of the most dramatic events in U.S. history. This was […] Read More


By David Hume Kennerly | Jul 29, 2016

Every so often, I wake up in the middle of the night from a recurring nightmare. In it, I am watching the final scene of Citizen Kane. The camera slowly glides over hundreds of boxes and crates in a giant dark warehouse, a room that stretched to infinity. Then, the lens settles on a box […] Read More

CNN Special: Covering 50 years of presidential politics by David Hume Kennerly

By David Hume Kennerly | Jul 1, 2016

A witness to history: 50 years of presidential politics Editor’s note: CNN has partnered with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Hume Kennerly to cover the 2016 election. Kennerly has spent 50 years photographing U.S. politics. At age 27, he became the youngest chief White House photographer when he started working for President Gerald Ford. The opinions […] Read More

From the Kennerly Archives

By David Hume Kennerly | Dec 16, 2015

In early 1971 ten million refugees streamed into India from East Pakistan to escape political and religious persecution. The total number of displaced people from that conflict is estimated at twenty million, fleeing from one of the most concentrated acts of genocide of the twentieth century. I covered that refugee crisis for UPI. When I […] Read More

Kennerly Remarks Accepting 2015 Lucie Award

By David Hume Kennerly | Oct 29, 2015

    Thanks Ann Curry! We both graduated from Oregon high schools, and also started our professional careers there–it was a great launching pad! My love to my wife and business partner Rebecca and son Byron who are here, and also to my other two boys Nick and James who aren’t due to their educational responsibilities back […] Read More

In the Room — The Final Days of Vietnam

By David Hume Kennerly | Apr 27, 2015

Note: I would like to thank Ken Hafeli and the staff of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library for helping me prepare this report. This story and photos are available for licensing through Getty Images. Contact: Bob.Ahern@gettyimages.comIn early 1971 United Press International assigned me to their Saigon bureau to replace photographer Kent Potter who was rotating […] Read More

April 9 lecture at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts

By David Hume Kennerly | Mar 17, 2015

University of the Arts – Philadelphia Paradigm Lecture Series • Connelly Auditorium • 1:00 – 2:30pm​Terra Hall 211 S Broad StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19107CLICK HERE for more information​ This event sponsored by Canon

Read More

Iwo Jima Photo Taken 70 Years Ago Today

By David Hume Kennerly | Feb 23, 2015

Joe Rosenthal’s photo of U.S. Marines raising the flag over Mt. Surabachi on Iwo Jima, Feb. 23, 1945 (Rosenthal/AP) Smoke, fire, and death captured by Joe during the Iwo Jima invasion (Rosenthal/AP) Marines hit the beach under heavy fire on Iwo Jima. Joe Rosenthal made several of these landings and lived to tell about it. […] Read More

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The original Goddess of Liberty that stood atop the Texas Capitol from 1888 to 1985, is now in Austin's Bullock Museum. Below are the remains of La Belle, a 17th-century ship from France that was discovered in 1995 in Matagorda Bay off the coast of Texas. The statue was restored with funding from @bankofamerica #bankofamerica #austintexas #bullockmuseum ...

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The #lbj presidential limo at the #lbjlibrary today #Austin #texas #history ...

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At the studio of artist Todd Sanders in #Austin today. Colorful place! @toddsandersart #toddsandersart #toddsandersart ...

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Guess where I am? Wait for it... #austin #texas !! #toddsandersart @toddsandersart ...

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President Trump was hit with two articles of impeachment today, and In the big irony department, 21 years ago this week, Bill Clinton appeared the day after the House Judiciary Committee unveiled two articles of impeachment against him. One said that he lied in his testimony before Special Prosecutor’s Ken Starr's grand jury, and the other that he abused the powers of his office and obstructed justice in the Lewinsky affair. Clinton was impeached by the full House Dec. 19, 1998, and acquitted after a Senate trial on Feb. 12, 1999. #impeachment #history #billclinton #kennerlyarchive ...

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The Democrats announced two articles of impeachment against President Trump today. I made this posed portrait two weeks after he won the 2016 election. It has become CNN’s go-to Trump pic, and has been used thousands of times by them. #cnn @cnn @cnnpolitics #trump #impeachment #history #justice ...

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A #gregoryain house and tree in #marvista #ain #losangeles #ainhouse ...

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The senior @senatorleahy and senior #photographer @davidhumekennerly meet in the U.S. Senate halls. Leahy was sworn in as a senator by VP Nelson Rockefeller on January 3, 1975. I’ve been in the picture-taking game since 1966. Together we’ve seen a lot of history! Picture by @senatephoto ...

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A Republican president, Ronald Reagan, and a Democrat speaker of the house, Tip O’Neill, working together 39 years ago. The beginning of the end of civility, and I’ve seen both sides of that equation up close and personally. ...

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All the storm #clouds aren’t in Washington. A big #cumulus over #losangeles today. #palm ...

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Today the House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing about impeaching President Donald Trump. One witness who will never appear there is Trump himself. 45 years ago there was a president who did sit before them. Gerald R. Ford. The first and last U.S. president to testify before that body since Abraham Lincoln. The subject was his pardon of Richard Nixon, and the Republican president showed up voluntarily to subject himself to interrogation by the predominantly Democratic body. Carl Bernstein, who along with his partner Bob Woodward broke the Watergate story said, “It turns out it really was a courageous and necessary act. Gerald Ford, I think partly being a member of Congress before he was vice president, understood how necessary it was for the system no longer to be so enmeshed in Watergate in such a way that it would go on for another couple of years.” It was heroic, and you don't see anything like it in Congress these days. My picture of President Ford shows him sitting by himself, listening to a question. He answered them all. #history #hero #kennerlyarchive ...

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“Separate checks, please!” #nunesgotcaught #adamschiff #devinnunes @totallyeffnlost #shitshow ...

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The #santamonica pier at #sunrise #santamonicapier @totallyeffnlost ...

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Good ole ‘54 Chevy pickup near the #santamonicapier this morning. #54chevy #santamonica ...

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A year ago today former President George Bush passed away. He was a friend of mine from the moment I met him in 1974. The L.A.Times used my portrait of him on page one, making it a fond photo farewell from me. ...

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Channeling my inner #uelsmann — Reflection in a puddle after the rain. #santamonica #reflections #puddle #noirvember ...

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