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Last of “The Good Ole Days”

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 30, 2013

I’m not in the habit of taking “selfies” but this one was too good to miss! Had lunch today at the Song Long Restaurant in Westminster with my friends and former mates from Saigon, Peter Arnett and Nick Ut.  The three of us are the last left standing of the ten journalists who won Pulitzer […] Read More

By Land and By Sea, A Vietnam War Tale

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 30, 2013

Today former AP photographer and old friend and colleague Dang Van Phuoc gave me this photo of me taken on the bridge of the heavy cruiser USS Newport News during a daylight raid into Thanh Hoa Harbor in North Vietnam, May, 1972.  Phouc and I had been lowered by a rope onto the deck of […] Read More

March Through the South

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 21, 2013

My last couple of weeks: Started in L.A., flew to Washington, D.C. for the International Center for Journalists, (ICFJ) dinner, drove to Newport News, VA for the christening of the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier. All four Ford kids were there, Mike, Jack, Steve, and Susan. Susan is the sponsor of the ship, and […] Read More

Reagan v. Gorbachev, 1985

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 21, 2013

When Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev met in Geneva, Switzerland for their first summit 28 years ago this week I was the only “outside” photographer in the room other than the two official U.S. and Soviet cameramen. I was on assignment for TIME, and it was one of the biggest scoops of my career. After the […] Read More

Wally McNamee

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 16, 2013

I’ve been visiting with my friend and colleague former Newsweek photographer Wally McNamee in Hilton Head, SC over the last couple of days. Wally and I have know each other since the early 70s, and have made numerous presidential and other trips together, including to China, the Soviet Union, and other far-flung places. Wally’s wife […] Read More

Veterans Day, Davidson, NC

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 11, 2013

This was a patriotic-packed three days. First the christening of the nation’s latest and greatest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, named after my favorite president and former boss. I then drove south to stay with my friends Tom and Sheila Waskow at their beautiful house in Denver, NC. Tom was a USAF FAC […] Read More

Historic Yorktown

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 10, 2013

Today I visited Yorktown, Virginia, where the last great battle of the American Revolution was fought in 1781. The famous John Trumball painting , “The Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia, 19 October 1781” memorialized the event. Yorktown came under siege for the second time in 1862 when Union General McClellan began his campaign […] Read More

USS Gerald R. Ford Christened

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 9, 2013

Today Susan Ford Bales, daughter of President Ford, swings a mighty champagne bottle to christen the aircraft carrier named after her dad, the USS Gerald R. Ford, in Newport News, VA this morning.  

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The USS Gerald R. Ford Ready for Christening

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 9, 2013

Yesterday I took a look at the Navy’s latest and mightiest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford. President Ford served heroically on a carrier in the Pacific during World War II, and this newsiest ship in the fleet is named after him. Susan Ford Bales, the president’s daughter in sponsor of the ship, and […] Read More