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USS Gerald R. Ford Preview

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 9, 2013

Yesterday I started out the morning with a visit to the U.S. Capitol. I was thinking about my trip to Newport News, VA for the dedication of America’s latest and greatest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, named after my late boss and friend.  President Ford always considered himself, “A man of the House.” […] Read More

The Washington Monument, 4 Views in 4 Minutes

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 7, 2013

Washington, D.C. Here’s a look at the Washington Monument from the National WWII Memorial tonight using the iPhone 5s with three different lenses and “films” with the Hipstamatic App, and one with the Pro HDR app. All taken within four minutes of each other  

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Traveling East

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 6, 2013

This is my second trip to Washington, D.C. from Los Angeles in a week. I never get tired of crossing over and looking down at the Rockies. Today was no different. I don’t know how many times I’ve flown over this particular patch, and it always looks different. After I arrived at Dulles Airport I […] Read More

William Macy, A Great One

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 4, 2013

I love working with talented people, and the actor William Macy is one of the best. I was on the set of Showtime’s “Shameless” tonight at Warner Bros as the guest of director David Nutter and executive producer of the show Michael Hissrich. My son Jack is the reason I ventured over to Burbank to […] Read More

Another Day on 18th St.

By David Hume Kennerly | Nov 2, 2013

I never run out of things to see in my neighborhood here in Santa Monica. My youngest son Jack displayed a painting he finished today of composer Jean Sibelius, based on a Yousef Karsh portrait taken in 1949. This made for a good black and blue moment!                 […] Read More

President’s Photographers at National Archives

By David Hume Kennerly | Oct 30, 2013

I joined official presidential photographers David Valdez (Bush 41), Sharon Farmer (Clinton), and Eric Draper tonight at the National Archives for a panel moderated by former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers. It was a great evening before a sold out crowd, and I think Sharon should run for mayor of DC, she is the […] Read More

Before and After

By David Hume Kennerly | Oct 27, 2013

This morning in Malibu I took a picture of a surfer standing on his board backlit by the rising sun. The first shot is how it looked before I lowered the levels in Photoshop. There is no manipulation outside of dropping the exposure level, and what a difference. It looks like one of those A-bomb […] Read More

A Few Shots From the Road

By David Hume Kennerly | Oct 26, 2013

My trip earlier this week produced a few photos that I found on when I went back through them. It’s always a good idea to take a second look at your takes. I took this as the sun rose in the east over spectacular clouds. Here’s the engine from my window in the early morning […] Read More

A Quick Trip To Wyoming

By David Hume Kennerly | Oct 25, 2013

Like most of us who travel regularly for our jobs, I only get a few hours in any one place. The last couple of days are no exception. I’ve been in Wyoming since day before yesterday, and of course had to satisfy my picture-a-day project that I’m shooting on the iPhone. My first stop was […] Read More